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"The Occult Practice of Abortion"

Let's talk about this "god" for a second. Please indulge me: This particular god is called #Molech. He was one of the main gods in the neighboring people of #Israel, the #Canaanites. This god was the MOST repulsive of all the gods because of the offering that this god required, which was the sacrifice of the #Babies (sons and daughters). The fact that the #Caananite people did this on a voluntary basis should be sickening enough, BUT, how the babies where sacrificed is what is REALLY disturbing. The #Idol was fashioned in the way that was hollowed out and its hands/arms were put in a cradle position. What the Canaanites did was to start a roaring fire INSIDE the statue to make the hands and arms of Molech glow red with heat. Then, they would put the baby in the hands and arms and basically #Cook the baby to death. This was so horrible and the screams of the baby so loud that they would have to play their music and drums as loud as they could to mask the shrieks of the child (so the mother wouldn't hear him/her). This was the common practice for over 400 years in the Canaanite culture until the #AlmightyGod decided to put a stop to it, by using the #Israelites. God told the Israelites to go in and, "Utterly destroy" the sinful people (#Joshua 11:20). I want to focus on this because there is the same kind of theme going on in #America (and around the world) today. Its called #Abortion, #PartialBirthAbortion and #FullTermAbortion. Even in the "great" #NYC, the baby can be born ALIVE, and still be killed without any repercussions. I hope I don't have to explain to you how WRONG this is. Our #God is such a #Merciful God that he tolerated these people's evil sins for over FOUR-HUNDRED years before finally laying the hammer down. Loved ones, WE are the modern day Canaanites. We take the most helpless of humans to grace this earth and we cut them down for our own selfishness and future desires. We try to explain away and try and find compromising positions to convince ourselves that we (or the child) is better off not bringing our baby into this world. We make these concessions (or excuses) for #Aborting our very own flesh and blood. We find reasons to kill a baby that #TheLord, HIMSELF, appointed to live on this magnificent planet. Not only that, but the powers that be (politicians) have been slowly turning up the heat in the pot of water by saying things like,

"Abortions should be safe, legal and rare."

And then turn around and say things like,

"If there is a botched abortion, and the baby survives, we don't have to try and save his/her life." (I'm looking at you, NYC)

We've tolerated the temperature of the water before we realize we're being boiled alive by our own sin.

I believe that our #Creator's hands have been around our nation for hundreds of years, showing us #Mercy and Grace, but the time of tolerance by God is drawing to an end. We will be #Judged by this, as a people, and this #Nation will not be around much longer because of the deliberate #Disobedience and the "thumbing of the nose" at our #Lord.

But, there IS good news!

If we ALL fall on our knees and #Repent of our sinful ways, I believe that God will spare us from being "Utterly Destroyed". In the end, our "Great Sin" won't be the enslavement of the African or even the #Genocide of the #AmericanIndian, but of #Infanticide of the weakest among us. Its time for us to change our hearts. Not just the heart within ourselves, but the hearts of our neighbors. No man-made law can stop what's going on with our children, but if we turn to our #GlouriousCreator and ask for a changing of our hearts, we can stop our #GreatSin, and rebuild this nation to the standard it once was. I know we can do it, but not without God's guidance. He is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We can make a difference. Let me ask, if you're still reading, ask yourself:

If not now, when?

If not me, who?

We will be judged by who we stand for and who we stand against. Don't be on the wrong side of this. This life is over in the blinked an eye, but #Eternity lasts forever! Pray tonight (or this morning), loved ones. Let's TRULY make America great again! Not politically, but #Spiritually! Amen!

References: - Leviticus 18:21 - Leviticus 20: 2 & 3 - Leviticus 20:5 - 1 Kings 11:7 - 2 Kings 23:10 - Jeremiah 32: 34 & 35

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