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"Broken doesnt mean broke.  Get to your feet, adapt, overcome and never, never, never quit."

           October 17, 2012 was a day like any other for Brett Parks.  After his full day’s work with the United States Navy, Brett would travel around the city of Jacksonville, FL, as a Fitness Trainer, helping residents reach their personal goals.  As Brett was waiting outside for his client, he heard a man scream from behind the fitness center.

           Expecting the worst, Brett ran towards the scream and intervened as the man was being robbed.  For his efforts, Brett was shot in the abdomen: shredding his kidney, blowing up a third of his colon and severing his Vena Cava (largest artery in the leg).

            Brett was rushed to the hospital and was quickly taken into surgery where the doctor’s told his wife to say her final goodbyes and start making funeral arrangements.  They gave Brett six hours to live.  Brett was placed into a medical coma and held on for twenty days.  Upon waking from the coma, Brett realized that he not only was missing his right kidney and a third of his colon, but he also had lost the lower part of his right leg.

            Instead of looking at his situation as a tragedy, Brett looks at it as an opportunity to tell his story and give credit to a higher power coming to his aid.  Now, Brett travels around the nation, talking to schools, businesses, and churches about how he was saved from a 99.999% mortality rate.  

            Brett Parks is the Founder and President of Second Shot Ministry which purpose is to tell people that in order to be successful, we have to put our trust in something greater than we are.  Then, and only then, can we realize our true purpose in life.  Because of his heroic actions, Brett was awarded with the “Governor’s Medal of Merit” which was presented by Governor Rick Scott.  The City of Jacksonville also acknowledged Brett by presenting him with a proclamation stating that December 5th will be known as “Brett Parks Day”. 

            Brett has competed in Prince Harry’s Invictus Games in both Sitting Volleyball and Swimming where Brett was awarded the Gold medal (Sitting Volleyball) and a Silver medal (Swimming: 200 Relay).  Brett is also on the USA Sitting Volleyball team and is eyeing next Paralympics.

            Brett has also written a detailed book on his experiences.  Brett Parks: Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life can be found on Amazon, Books and Books, and Barnes and Noble.

            When Brett is not traveling, he enjoys spending time at home in Jacksonville, FL with his wife (Susan), his three children (Jason, Stella and Johnny Rocco) and Freedom (Our Poodle).

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