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"Eye Of A Needle"

This is exactly what us #FollowersOfJesusChrist need to "fight back" against. I receive daily articles/devotionals from a #Christian site named #Crosswalk. Every message is a little bit different with #Bibically sound lessons (for the most part). But sometimes they don't know the ancient texts like they ought to, you know, being a huge Christian organization and all. This article is a great example. The article that I've included below talks about a #Rich man and what it takes to get into #Heaven and have everlasting life. The verse I want to focus on (and the article focuses on) says:

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” -Matthew 19:24

The article goes on to tell us the #NeedlesEye is what we, at modern humans, understand to be a sewing needle when, in actuality, its WAY OFF of what the ancient texts say. Back then, towns and or cities had walls around it to protect the people dwelling there from beasts and the enemies of foreign lands. And at the entrance of the city is a huge gate, kinda like a #DrawBridge. On that huge gate was a smaller opening that individuals could walk through as to not have to raise the gate up and down (or swing it open continuously). What was that smaller opening called? You got it! The #NeedlesEye. Through this "needles eye", it was very easy for a man to walk in or out but was rather difficult for a camel to get through. Now, a #Camel COULD get through it if it was determined, but the owner of the camel would have to take ALL of the owner's possessions off the animal, even the "saddle". When Jesus gave that parable (or hyperbole), His intention was to point out that you cannot get into #Heaven with all your worldly positions and that you would have to essentially become naked to get in. He's talking about shedding your love of gaining the whole world and all the fruits that this dying world has given you AND has promised you. This article says the right things as far as how we need to behave and act as a #ChristFollower, but terribly misinterprets what Jesus had said. I know some of you are thinking to yourself,

"Who cares if Jesus is talking about a gate or an actual sewing needle! The message is the same!"

Yes, I get it, but we need to be consistent In our teachings and be extremely careful in getting the #HolyBible correct. If ONE #Pastor says one thing and another pastor says another thing, that could be problematic to the unbeliever. Please don't think that I'm saying that I know all the answers or I'm condemning this site, rather, I AM saying that we need to hold each other accountable and rebuke those who try and misinterpret or even CHANGE the meaning of scripture. I DO believe that this author of this #Article should step away from posting publicly and relearn the #AncientTexts before continuing to write for a site that claims the #SupremacyOfGod. Let me know what you think below and thank you for reading this fairly long post. But, it's important to share.


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