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"Are There Many Races or Just One?"

I am a son of #Adam....

This sermon is probably the MOST IMPORTANT message I have listened to during this turbulent time. This #Race problem isn't about the color of your #Skin, but the color of your #Heart.

This is a 49 minute message about "color", hate, misconception and hardness of the heart. Please listen to this sermon by #DrVoddieBachman and share it! We can get out of this hole we dug ourselves in (as humans), but we NEED to know why society thinks like it does. #RacialDivision is not a thing of #God rather, the work of the #Devil.

I learned so much from this. I had no idea that ANY ONE OF US only has a #DNA difference of 0.2%.

O.2%!!!!! Growing up in #Miami, I knew many of my friends were "Black", but I didn't think anything of it. They were my teammates, my church friends and my movie buddies, but I didn't see them as anything different than they could get darker than me at the beach where I just got redder (sunburn).

Please, let's throw away this occult belief that since our skin color is a different shade, we are different. We. Are. NOT!

And before you clap back and say that society views people who are darker as less of a human, let's look into our own hearts and change that... together.

We are ALL #SonsOfAdam. Those that ARENT son's of Adam, are #DaughtersOfAdam. If you ARENT a #FollowerOfJesusChrist and don't know the #Beauty of #TheCross and what was done for all of us, you will listen to this sermon with hate and bitterness. But, please, open your heart and your eyes.

I would GLADLY lay my life down for each and every one of you, no matter your shade, creed or situation in life because #Jesus did that for ME. And, trust me, I am the worst of these. If you're "black", you're my brother. If you're "white", your my brother. You can throw ANY shade in here and, guess what, you're my brother (same thing for all my sisters out there).

You can call me racist, say I'm naïve or even say I'm a loon, but that doesn't change the way I feel about YOU when it comes to my family.

There is only ONE race, and it's the HUMAN race. Although we may be from different #Nations, we are STILL related. Thank you, Jesus, for this timely message and Your #Word which is never changing!

Please listen to this sermon and share it. Love you and be safe!

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